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Half Truths Sermon Series


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A Rant About Forgiveness

4/26/2015 Pastor Jim Walker  The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant 

A Short Rant Based on James 1

1/4/2015 Pastor Jim Walker  James 1 

Where's Joy?

12/14/2014 Pastor Jim Walker, Rob Herrmann, Trust Hilton  Luke 1 

Put Down the World Before You Break It

12/7/2014 Pastor Jim Walker, Rob Herrmann and Dennis Thomas  Matthew 11:25-30 

The Economics of the Kingdom

11/16/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 12:22-34 

Step Off the Scales of Approval

11/9/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 10:38-42 

The Meaning of Faith

11/2/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Hebrews 12:1-3 

Why I Am Not Buying A Gun

10/19/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 8:26-39 

Kisses From Heaven

10/5/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 8:22-25 

Does Belief Even Matter?

9/21/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 10:25-37 

Parable of the Sower

9/7/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 8:1-15 

Who or What is God and Does It Really Matter?

9/7/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 6:27-36 

Judge Not

8/31/2014 Pastor Jim Walker  Luke 6:37-49