“A message from Bishop Rev. Minerva Carcano, Bishop of California-Nevada UMC, on our faith community’s call to be engaged in, speak to, and become transformed into a more just, compassionate and loving community that confronts a society that is unjust.”

LMUMC Town Hall Meetings

In light of the nationally recognized assaults on Black and Brown people over the last three weeks, we invite you to join us for an LMUMC Town Hall on Systemic Racism and its effect on Black and Brown people.

Join us at 6:30pm this evening, Sunday, June 14 by clicking on the Zoom link below.
AO Circuit is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: LMUMC Town Hall on Systemic Racism and Its Effect on Black and Brown People

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 6055 7777

Password: 929131

Invitation to Aubry Park

Aubry Park has been open to parties since 1982.  It features a 15-foot drop waterfall (open for rock climbing – with parents’ consent of course), outstanding views, and a park filled with over 70 critters for kids to find and earn a Certificate of Assistant Zookeeper. (Bring your own clipboard and pencil for each critter finder).  Bring your own food and drinks and sanitizers for lawn furniture. Bathrooms are not available. Only one family at a time may enter the park grounds.  You may bring up to 10 family members to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, Bat or Bar Mitzvah.  We hope grandparents and parents will bring their kids to explore all three levels of the Park and discover how many critters are “living” here.  Or, if are you just a couple and want to enjoy a bottle of wine away from home and just have a change of scenery for a while.  Reservations are for 90 minutes.

OPEN FROM JUNE 1 TO SEPTEMBER 20! Call (510) 644-2692 to make a reservation. 

4949 Grizzly Peak Blvd in Berkeley!

Russ & Annette Aubry, “Park Rangers”

“It’s Just Dinner…Online”

How to throw a dinner party online | Daily Mail Online

It’s Just Dinner has been a monthly potluck dinner conversation organized by the LMUMC Worship Vitality Team, historically including at least 50% participation by folks who do not currently attend church.  We’ve decided now is the time to roll this out to the entire congregation and get us all in the fun!  If you would like to invite a friend who is not a member of our church, they are more than welcome.  So, let’s do this!

Our first Online dinner conversation we will be about, ‘What is an unexpected good thing that has happened (either to you personally or to the greater community, country or world at large) as a result of the Sheltering-in-Place? What can you do to hold onto that? What can you do to pass that on to others when this is over?’

To sign up all you need to do is let us know you want to attend a dinner and send the answers to the questions below to the church office at  Because it is difficult to have an online conversation with more than a dozen people at a time, we will divide participants into groups of 8 – 10 and send you information including your host’s name, dinner time, other participants and Zoom link.

Your Name:

Your Email:

Name of any guest you want to invite:

Email of any guest in question above:
(So we can send them instructions for joining)

Days and/or times that you CANNOT attend:

Name of others that MUST attend the same dinner with you:
(Guests you invite for instance)

For those who would like a more detailed explanation of what “It’s Just Dinner” is, and how it came about, see below.

Historical Background
It’s Just Dinner is a potluck dinner conversation organized by members of Lake Merritt United Methodist Church. Our goal is to engage with people outside of our church in thoughtful conversations about contemporary subjects that affect us all.  Some previous conversations have included:

  • What is marriage/covenanted relationships?
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Consumerism & the money god
  • What is tolerance vs. acceptance?

Ideally, we bring together people from every background, all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and faith backgrounds to have an authentic and open conversation, learn from our lived experiences and share our perspectives. We believe it is important for people who are not necessarily of like minds to know and understand one another and we hope to create a safe, loving and fun space to make that possible.

We hope you will join us.


LMUMC Worship Vitality Team
Sherri Elinson,
Rev. Pam Kurtz, Pastor
Margaret LeWright
Joan Miller
Laurel Williams

SAVE THE DATE: During our June 7 worship, we are celebrating our graduates (high school, trade school, community college, university, graduate school, etc.) and those persons who are promoting to the next level of education, e.g. from preschool to elementary; elementary to middle school; middle school to high school; community college to university, etc.  Please let us know of those persons who are transitioning as may have missed them.