Sing Out! An LMUMC Musical Event

Sing Out! Tuesday, August 11th at 7:30 pm.

We’ll sing the hymns you remember and enjoy in the comfort of your home, so Sing Out – because no one is listening!

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Music provided by Joan Miller, Music/Choir Director, Accompanist

supported by Lake Merritt United Methodist Church





Invitation to Aubry Park

Aubry Park has been open to parties since 1982.  It features a 15-foot drop waterfall (open for rock climbing – with parents’ consent of course), outstanding views, and a park filled with over 70 critters for kids to find and earn a Certificate of Assistant Zookeeper. (Bring your own clipboard and pencil for each critter finder).  Bring your own food and drinks and sanitizers for lawn furniture. Bathrooms are not available. Only one family at a time may enter the park grounds.  You may bring up to 10 family members to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, Bat or Bar Mitzvah.  We hope grandparents and parents will bring their kids to explore all three levels of the Park and discover how many critters are “living” here.  Or, if are you just a couple and want to enjoy a bottle of wine away from home and just have a change of scenery for a while.  Reservations are for 90 minutes.

OPEN FROM JUNE 1 TO SEPTEMBER 20! Call (510) 644-2692 to make a reservation. 

4949 Grizzly Peak Blvd in Berkeley!

Russ & Annette Aubry, “Park Rangers”



LMUMC Town Hall Meetings

In light of the nationally recognized assaults on Black and Brown people, we have been hosting LMUMC Town Hall Meetings on Systemic Racism and its effect on Black and Brown people.

Next Town Hall, date to be determined