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Our Building

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church is located at the southeast end of Lake Merritt. Situated next to a 25-story apartment complex, we are not far from the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. Our Lakeshore entrance is on Lakeshore Avenue where there is street parking and our parking garage (which is only open by prior arrangement). Our administrative center is location at our First Avenue entrance, where there is a small guest parking lot. Access to the sanctuaty is available from this entrance as well.

Lakeshore entrance:
1330 Lakeshore Avenue

Administrative/First Avenue entrance:
1255 First Avenue @ International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 465 – 4793
Sunday Worship – 10:15am

PARKING on Lakeshore Avenue is in high demand and has a two-hour limit during the daytime, except Sundays and holidays. Parking on the streets near the First Avenue entrance is also limited except on Sunday mornings. Some all-day parking is allowed on streets north and east of the church. Please beware of parking restrictions during some hours of the week, and that some parts of those streets only allow two-hour parking. Our underground parking garage, accessible on Lakeshore Avenue, is only open by prior arrangement. A small guest parking lot is also at the First Avenue entrance of the building.

Public Transit Connections:

BART: Take the train to Lake Merritt station. Head northeast on Oak Street toward 10th Street. Turn right onto 10th St, then turn left onto the sidewalk beside the Oakland Museum’s back entrance (across from the old convention center). The sidewalk will lead onto Lake Merritt Boulevard. Cross the street and turn right at the lake shore walk path and continue until you reach the
Lakeshore entrance of the church at 1330 Lakeshore Ave. To reach the First Avenue/administrative entrance, walk along Lake Merritt Blvd. until you reach 1255 First Avenue.