Neil Wade, Member of Taylor Memorial UMC


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Many people have fearless hearts, vibrant ideas and a passion for ministry. Their talents are to be nurtured to shape the church’s path into the future. The church must invite these people – including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ persons, the world over – into ministry, equip them to be effective leaders and be open to where they want to lead us, while strengthening all persons, who are ministering at every level of the church. The risk-taking church leaders of the early Christian movement used the ichthys symbol to identify themselves as followers of Jesus. The Freed-2-Lead graphic expands on this theme by contrasting the complacent social shoal in the “clear-water” moments of life, with a fish of a different color that has been “Freed-2-Lead” others through the dark and murky depths. All of us have been Freed-2-Lead and have a role in mentoring and equipping others to lead.

  • Sept 15 – Following Christ
  • Sept 22 – An Unexpected Role
  • Sept 29 – Fueled by the Spirit
  • Oct 6 – Just in Time Leadership
  • Oct 13 – Self-Leadership
  • Oct 20 – Following Christ’s Lead in My Life

Last Sunday’s Gratitudes

“I am grateful for our church’s structure! We have the beautiful of the lake, and the way light comes in is just breathtaking!”

“I am grateful for the support of the church, social services, and thankful for everyone’s prayers.”

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