“Christmas, It’s Not Your Birthday”

Advent Worship Series

Rev. Pamela Kurtz


“Giving Up On Perfect”


Luke 1:26-38


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O Come All Ye Faithful/We Adore You

Behold Him

O Children, Come



November 17th – Christmas, It’s Not Your Birthday!


November 24th – Expect a Miracle!


December 1st – Giving Up on Perfect

This week’s sermon examines our unrealistic expectations for the “perfect” Christmas. How much money, time, and energy go into chasing this unattainable ideal set for us by Norman Rockwell? The first Christmas was pretty messy, and life today is pretty messy—but God shows up in the middle of the mess to bring us a message of hope.


December 8th – Scandalous Love


December 15th – Jesus’ Wish List


December 22 – Children’s Christmas Pageant 


December 29th – TBD


January 5th – By A Different Road



Last Sunday’s Gratitude Times

“I have gratitude that Audrey’s Moroccan Malik was able to walk without casts for the first time in her 9-year-old life.”

“I have gratitude that my grandson Elijah made the honor roll with a 3.0 GPA after struggling through elementary school.”

“I am grateful that the Cal Bears won their big game on Sunday.”




Fellowship Snacks are provided by members of the congregation.

Last name Family Groupings for Fellowship Snacks:

Group 1: A-C 

Group 2: D-H

Group 3: I-Q

Group 4: R-Z will provide snacks for Fellowship this week.



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