Siblings in Christ!

I have shared two trailers during our Advent worship that express how music is and has been used to overcome oppression and injustice. I will continue to show trailers in worship to three more documentaries which I pray you have begun to watch. I told you I would be sharing a trailer over the next three Sundays and the Sunday after Christmas about ways music was and can be used to resist that kind of darkness.  I also told you I would be sending you a guide about each of these 5 documentaries and links for you to be able to watch them in full.  Also included in the guide are individual reflection questions and prayers if you desire to go deeper about using music as an act of resistance and resilience.  That guide is attached.  I pray that you will be able to watch each documentary (use Amazon Prime  – or get Amazon Prime free for 30 days to watch most of the documentaries – just be sure to cancel before your 30 days free are up!) and consider how music is used as resistance and how you can use it.

Reflection Guide: click link –> 17c Film Festival – Individual Reflection Guide for Adults