Church Council Meeting – Feb 8, 7PM via Zoom

LMUMC Church Council meets on Feb 8, 2023, at 7PM via Zoom.  All Eight Focus Leadership Team Leaders are invited to attend. Thank you, Tom and Joseph, for leading us.  The Eight Focus Leadership team leaders are Worship (Laurel), Children and Youth (Margaret), Connectional Ministries (Rose Lynn, Tom, Kathleen, Galia), Congregational Nurturing (Kate), Stewardship and Generosity (Linda, Kathleen, Patty), Trustees (Randy, Sherri), SPRC (Juliet), Nominations/Leadership Development (Phyllis), Lay Leader (Laurel), and Pastor Sunae.  We ask your prayers for the work of the Church Council Committee and Pastor Sunae.


End-of-Year Contribution Statements

End-of-year contributions have gone out by snail mail or email.  Please look them over carefully and communicate as soon as possible with Kathleen Bell if there are any adjustments, any time up until February 23 when she leaves for an extended trip.  Please make a copy of the email (it notes that it is from Patty Staggs); keep that copy in a safe place until you are ready to do your 2022 tax return.  The same holds true for mailed copies.


Hope Through Darkness: Art Exhibit

We would like to put out a call for submissions for our 2023 art exhibit: Hope Through Darkness

Please create an art piece for our exhibit and reception – it can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional visual art, a written piece, or any variety of performance art.

The exhibit and reception will be in the Edwards Room. 

Here are some questions you may want to reflect on while creating:

What has given you hope during the pandemic?

How do you cope with adversity? 

What gives you hope?

What is darkness to you?

Is darkness bad? 

Submissions are due by February 24, 2023 and a reception will be held on Sunday, March 5. Please email with any questions. 


Krishnan Dean Family Meal Train

Deepak and Becky welcomed baby Kiara Isabelle into the big wide world on 11/29/2022!

You are invited to give a little love to Deepak and Becky as they transition into parenthood!

 Sign up here to help. 


Meal Train for Judi and Wayne

Judi continues her treatment and we are adding more dates to the Meal Train to support them.  We continue to keep their household in our thoughts and prayers. We love you, Judi and Wayne. Sign up here to help. 


Want to be a part of the Audio/Visual team? Sign Up Today!

Please email Randi Hoy at the office to sign up and learn to operate the live stream program and PowerPoint.


LMUMC Choirs Information

To join the voice choir, contact the Music Director,
Jim Meredith

To join the handbell choir, contact the Handbell Director,
Margaret LeWright