Rally Sunday

Celebrating Children, Youth, Music and Our Choirs!



Time is passing by so fast! Our kids are beginning a new school year which means new
backpack, new shoes and cloths, new books and stationaries, new classroom, teacher, and new friends. Not only that! We look forward to new hope and dream! What an exciting time!

After the summer break, our choir is coming back to usher us to the presence of God through music.

We want to bless this special season for our children and also our choir for their renewed effort in their calling.

Today’s gospel, John 4, we will be reflecting on Jesus’ interaction with an unknown woman at the well. Through her interaction with Jesus, she becomes a completely different person and begins to take risk! I am talking about “Faith” not in the sense of intellectual assent to doctrinal formulation but “faith” more in its biblical sense of trust, a living and active trust that makes it possible to take significant risks. We pray that our children will come to this kind of vibrant, trusting, risk-taking faith. Amen! Bring your family and friends! Join us this Sunday!

Come friends!

Join us in person or via Zoom or FaceBook Live.

Sunday service begins at 10:15AM.

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8.20.2023 Final Bulletin

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