Dream Like Jesus 

“Realize the Dream”

We continue our worship series inspired by Rebekah Simon-Peter’s book, “Dream Like Jesus”.

God gives us dreams that are bigger than what we can do on our own, and yet with God’s power those dreams can be fulfilled. Dreams can come true in the dreams God gives and through the means God’s grace. And God grants us the ability to make dreams come true.

Jesus sent off his twelve closest followers to fulfil God’s vision. Then, he appointed seventy-two others and sent them off by two by two to every town and place.  He strategized and empowered and fully equipped his people to act and live in God’s dream.  Siblings, how do you realize God’s dream? What is your strategy to fulfil God’s dream?  Come! Join us and let us continue to dream God’s dream and live in Jesus’ name.   Amen.


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Sunday service begins at 10:15AM.

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