All Saints’ Singing Sunday and Breakfast

All Hallows’ Eve is not something that very many congregations are used to observing. Maybe Halloween, maybe All Saints’ Day, but that moment in the middle isn’t on the radar for most. Yet it is rich with possibilities, and it would be a shame to miss it. The Celtic Christians called it a thin place, where this world and the next one moved closer together, and it was as if you could go from one to the other with one small step.

All Saints’ Day is one of those moments where we celebrate and remember those who have made the journey or who have taken the next step. We remember them because they are still a part of us, shaping us, mentoring us – maybe not in a direct way, but in a real way. We are who we are, in part, because of who they were. (

This Sunday, we will be singing our praises to God with uplifting and familiar hymns and also honoring the saints who have gone on before.  A simple breakfast will be served at 9:30am then we will be singing our praises to God at 10:15am.  Join us.

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Sunday service begins at 10:15AM.

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