The Table of Hospitality

Gratitude is absolutely central to faith. The words “gratitude” and “grace” comes from the same root word, “gratia” in Latin.  Grace means “unmerited favor.”   It is free gifts.  Diana Butler Bass shares “I particularly like the image of God tossing gifts around – a sort of indiscriminate giver of sustenance, joy, love, and pleasure.”  Yes, Grace is free gifts given to us with no strings attached or expectation of return, as the old hymn says, amazing.  Because we can neither earn nor pay back the gift, our hearts fill with gratitude.  And the power of that emotion transforms the way we see the world and experience life.  In us, there is an outflowing of gratitude, expressed in generosity, which in turn widens our hearts toward greater goodness and love.

This Sunday, Romans 12 takes us to a very difficult text as it reminds us to share that grace and gratitude with all, especially those who has caused you incredible grief, frustration and anger.  Very challenging!  Let us wrestle with this text and be thankful to God for the riches God has bestowed on us!

This is our first Sunday of “Come to the Table” worship series. This Sunday’s table is the Table of Hospitality.  Would you take pictures of your Thanksgiving gathering?  Not just food! We would love to see your smiles with your loved ones at the table with radical hospitality.

Send your pictures to pastor Sunday at by Friday evening at 9pm so she has some time to prepare the picture presentation.  We will share the picture presentation in the following Sunday.  It will deepen our spirit as we witness our Table gatherings.



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